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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CW  October 27, 2013 8:30am-9:31am PDT

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"it's kind of hard to fatho they're human beings here." a bay area nursing home suddenly shuts down-- accusf leaving more than a dozen residents this is kpix 5 news on kpcw. >> it's kind of hard to fathom. they're human beings here. >> a bay area nursing home suddenly shuts down accused of leaving more than a disease residents to fend for himselfs -- themselves. >> in the weather department, we're right beside you. we have fog and low clouds along the shoreline and we have a chance of some showers moving into the bay area tomorrow. the details are coming up today. store and a horrible overnight in brooklyn. five people stabbed to death. four of them are children. >> it's 8:30. thanks for joining us.
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we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour. we have everything from big money and politics, big fines for people who try to smuggle big money in to bart. we are going to go in depth. what is next? what can lead you to prevent another strike? how is the public reacting to all of this. specifically what will we do? >> operators who walked out on more than a dozen seniors. bryan webb tells us if it weren't for a concerned neighbor, the situation could have been much worse. >> bryan, theate chris crosses a care facility shut down for two days still filled with patients but hardly any staff. >> it upsets me. >> this woman who lives nearby asked him to hide her identity after complaining about the -- for 20 years. she said the past few days have been the worst, so she called for help.
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>> the staff isn't over there, what's going on. >>reporter: when authorities arrived, they found 14 patients inside including amputees, the bedridden and mentally impaired with only two workers caring for them, a janitor and a cook. >> it's kind of hard to fathom. they're human beings here. do we just leave people behind. >>reporter: the patients were moved to other facilities or in with families all said to be doing okay. authorities are now searching for the staff who abandoned their post and their patients and for the neighbors, that is the sickest part of all. >> hopefully some people are going to have their eyes open on what's the last 20 n years, and you know, it's just ridiculous. >> that was bryan webb reporting. there are still a lot of unanswered questions this morning. deputies aren't sure exactly how many patients have is been moved before they arrived. also unclear where the administrators of that facility are, but when they're found, authorities will be looking at elder abuse charges. this weekend, people are
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mourning the loss of a 13-year-old boy who was shot and killed by a sheriff deputy in santa rosa. the teenager was carrying what turned out to be a toy rifle. the memorial for the victim is growing. so is the sadness in his community. >>reporter: flowers, candles, and cards colonel to mount at this memorial where 13-year-old andy lopez. investigators say the boy did not comply tuesday when ordered to throw down his air soft gun, a toy replica of an ak 47. he was killed here in a hail of bullets from the gun of an experienced sonoma county deputy sheriff. >> a middle-aged man, 44 years of experience as a cop and this -- 24 years of experience as a cop and this is what we get. it's outrageous. >> we used to play guns right here when we were little kids, when we were young. >> the kid who got killed, he's going to miss president's day and halloween and st. patrick's day. >>reporter: the deputy fired eight times in seven seconds. seven bullets hit lopez. the number of shots is not
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fired who -- unusual. >> an average officer without stress will probably shoot two to three rounds without any stress at all. you can double that under stress. >>reporter: the shooting prompted a firestorm of protest. on friday, demonstrators marched to the sheriff office. >> we want justice. we want justice. >>reporter: newly poured concrete was used for remembrances of the boy. today the impromptu memorial cast in concrete for andy lopez has been brushed over and will probably be torn up. it will be some time before the case of a shooting of a 13-year-old is resolved, much less forgotten. at least three investigations are underway by the sonoma county sheriff office, the santa rosa police and the fbi. >> we are reviewing the shooting of andy lopez. we will do our due diligence to gather key facts to determine whether a federal crime has been committedded or not. kpix5. there will be another memorial in
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march this coming wednesday. in other news after months of negotiations and striking, bart union members may finally have a contract. the two biggest unions will vote on the new contract this friday. the amount of transit union workers hopes to announce the results that night. the service employees international union plans to wait until saturday morning. both unions approved the deal. well, the contract will go to the board -- bart's board of directors for final approval. the unions went on strike over a new contract back in july and last week before ten of the agreements were reached, they went on strike again with the deal announced finally on monday night. a neighborhood in brooklyn is in shock this morning. a mother and her four children were stabbed to death. the mother was 37. the youngest child just one year old. police have one person in custody for questioning. they haven't really set any information on a motive for this case. >> a violent scene at an apartment complex in phoenix. a shooting rampage leaves five
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people and two dogs dead after reports of gunshots after the search was narrowed down to two apartments. the people who were shot were found in one apartment. the body of the suspected gunman in the other. it was a bizarre end to game three in the world series. an objection call -- obstruction called that lead to a win for the st. louis cardinals. >> the key play happened on third base. boston' catcher threw offline red sox third baseman will middlebrooks dove and then raiseed both legs tripping base runner allen craig. the third base umpire signaled obstruction and the home plate called greg safe at home even though he was tagged. >> and when he tried to advance to home plate, the feet were up in the air and he tripped over middlebrooks right
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there, and he immediately and instincttially i call obstruction. >> when i go to put himself up, he was on my back pushing off of me, so, what am i supposed to do there. >>reporter: the win by the cardinals gives them a 2-1 series lead going into game four tonight in st. louis. and they are seeing double in milton, pennsylvania for troubled twins alexander compton. and naturally, having have a lot in common. but doubled. both gave birth to babies on the same day. plus, they ended up being -- having something else in common. >> we actually found out on the same day that we were pregnant. >> both moms and baby boys are doing great. the boys -- she was a wife receptionist. >> this morning we remember the actress and funny lady marsha wallace. >> we'll be right back.
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>> cbs program of course. as we look at numbers around the area today, they are mostly in the low 50s to start off with fog and low clouds around the shoreline and not much prospect for improvement. we'll see it's going to get wet tomorrow. we have the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"..." marcia wallace played a wis a tv actress has dieded. >> and a wise-cracking receptionist of the bob newheart show of the 70s, and most recently she was on the simpsons. a teacher dealing with bart simpson's antics. the executive producer of the simpson's says that her character was irreplaceable and will be retired from the show. marsha wallace was 70 years old. governor chris christie of new jersey says he understands the frustrations of the victims of superstorm sandy one
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year later. the anniversary is this tuesday and the republican governor says his administration is not to blame for delays in aid. he's pointing the fingers at congress for taking three months to approve a releasedded package. people are still waiting for aide and dealing with red tape put in place to prevent fraud. last year's storm damaged 360,000 homes and businesses. and a boardwalk in new york damaged in last year's storm has just reopened. the 2.2-mile-long boardwalk in long beach has made of sustainable hard wood, concrete and other sound materials. it's meant to endure the brunt of any future storm. governor has been in -- on hand for a big ribbon-cutting. and a big 40. and around here, boy, we are in the middle of a nice weekend. >> and kind of starting out a little warming on the shoreline, but maybe -- >> it is halloween. and it does look a little bit spooky out there this morning. we'll get sunshine a little but later in the day but we're in for a bit
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of a cool change in the bay area. the numbers are going to fall a little bit today, and then more tomorrow. the winds will pick up tonight. that sets the stage for what might be a winter storm except it's not. it's going to get cool and we're not going to get very wet at all tomorrow. we're starting out with numbers in the mid 40s to the low 50s and later today we're recovering in the mid 70s inland. we still have sun coming out inland and it looks as if that low cloud will persist at the shoreline. raders are taking on the steelers at 1:05 p.m. it will be sunny and mild. 67. there will be a few clouds around. if you want to take the kids out, they're having boo at the zoo today. the oakland zoo and also at the san francisco. it will be sunny and on the mild side. low pressure will be approaching for the pacific northwest. temperatures fall. winds pick up tonight. high pressure gets finally booted out so that tomorrow we get that low. the brunt of the low is passing over to the east, and because it's that far east, it doesn't look -- it's certainly not going to draw a bull's-eye in the bay
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area. in fact, it's just in the far east bay and in the south bay that we'll have the highest chance of showers tomorrow. everybody is vulnerable but it's not going to amount to much and we might not see anything at all it's going to cool off. monday the temperatures bottom out. we'll recover by midweek and temperatures will warm again. you can see the temperatures bottoming out. the livermore temperatures that fell from the upper 80s over the weekend and will tank tomorrow in the mid 06-degree range and we'll recover those temperatures by the end of the week. by tomorrow looks chilly and maybe a little bit wet. it's not going to amount to much. it's 65 in sacramento. the romantically-named 67. 58 at eureka and f 6 at redding. halloween looks nice. it will be clear. it will be a little chilly but light october. sunset 6:12 p.m. and looks like a nice night. doesn't look like a bad day. livermoore will still be in the 70s and san jose about average for this time of year. 75 in san jose.
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68 in freemont. in the east bay we're going to be looking for 75 at pittsburg. 73. up in the north bay not bad. but plenty of low clouds around simpson beach. mill valley will finally clear off later today. 70 degrees forecast high. 70. and lake forest. clear lake. 70s. we'll do it at 72. and a good day for the wine country. the extended forecast calls for that chance of showers moving into the bay area tomorrow. temperatures will recover by wednesday and thursday, so after this brief little flirtation with this poor imitation of a storm, finally going to recover in the upper 7 0ás. >> this lackluster storm. >> at least it gives you something to talk about. okay. looks like months of heated debate and two walk-outs, but bart workers may finally officially have a new contract by the end of this week. riders in the meantime, are left scarred by the shut-down.
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>> does that leave us also with the question of what can be done to prevent these sorts of things from happening in the future. this morning we sat down with state senator who shares the transportation committee. our first question is should transit strikes like this be illegal? >> well, this situation shouldn't happen so frequently. i've been elected office in the bay area for about 25 years i have been involved to some degree. so there's clearly something wrong at bart when it comes to collect bargaining. >> okay, so let's look at new york. we look at chicago. we look at other cities. we even look at san francisco. they are not allowed to strike. why do they not get to strike and we do? and should that change? >> well, a committee was taken quite a bit of time to investigate this as you know. we're going to continue to have a hearing before we go back into session in january which is our earliest we could entertain any legislation. what we want to look at how we can change at boston, washing on the, as well. don't know how their transit workers. >> what are the pluses and
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minuses? >> that's part of what we're assessing. even though you ban a strike doesn't mean you eliminate labor problems. so there are other problems and organizations like this in the workforce. so there are things that we have been talking about. i have been, like they argue a lot about the numbers. they defendant's exhibit didn't believe the other side's numbers. we could have a state go in and look at those numbers six months before the contract stops. there's a variety of ways to do it. >> for a lot of the people i talk to, you negotiate and hit an impasse. you take it to ash administration -- arbitration and that's it but you keep the lines running. you don't inconvenience the entire bay area. >> that is what they do. in portland they have the same thing as base baseball arbitration. it's worked in the portland metropolitan area. as far as we can find out both labor and management are satisfied. >> what's the resistance here? >> the bay area and also los angeles and l. a. have the same provisions. very similar ones. you know, public employees negotiate
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contracts all the time successfully. there is something at large. >> well, i understand that knight bart nor the unions are interested in arbitration for various reasons. >> that's true. >> so politically if you go to the state legislature and say let's do it that way through the legislature, you're going to get no arguments from both sides and as you and i know in committees, neither side wants it, we're not going to do it. what isn't heard is the public which basically looks at these two groups and says you couldn't get it done. you should take it out of your hands. you have repeatedly blown it. let's just take it away. >> if a legislature doesn't doing something about it, the initiative is probably what will happen because the commuters are so frustrated with it. and if this were an isolated time if this happened, it would be difficult enough, but as i said, there's a pattern to bart know gauche -- negotiations and it goes over and over again. >> i was reading through the preliminary releases on this new contract, and i see no change in the dynamics that could create another strike. in other words, the workers still have the right to strike.
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the management is still barredded from training replacement drivers until they go on strike which makes it impossible. none of the building boxes have is changed. >> management will tell you that much of what they got as the work rules will change the dynamic four years from now. i hesitate to believe that just because we have been through this so often. so we're going to take a really serious look at it to make sure that this doesn't happen any longer. >> final question, there are transportation bonds out there. there are tax initiatives out there for roads, for rail, for a number of different things. what affect do you think this is going to have? >> my concern as i told you and others. polling shows us that public is not really anxious to spend more money on anything and this comes at a time when we're at a transportation fiscal cliff in california. our infrastructure is starting to fall apart and we have to get the voters to support revenue increases. on a scale of 1 to 10, how
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would you sum up the negotiating process? you were on the inside? >> i was very involved. i was asked by both sides. it doesn't work. by any measurement, it's a one. >> i think you're being generous. >> you only gave me one to ten. what a frustrating situation again for all of us who can't really do much about it. >> no, we can't. and it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. if we don't get a change in the state law to the legislature, does it go to the initiative process? and if it doesn't, is there going to be a lingering resentment where voters could say no to transportation bond which need two-thirds majority to pass which is very difficult to get or could they also say yes to tension and pay reforms like chuck reed in san jose is saying. either way, trust me, the echos of this are going to be heard for a while. >> all right. well, keep up. a bay area mall low wean party with a different kind of theme. what the kids are doing to have fun here without the focus. we'll be right back.
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available and kids can volunteer. >> so many kids live in areas where they can trick or treat. we have a lot of volunteers that come out and it's really a great time for the community to come together and have a good time and eat a lot of candy and get a lot of toys. >> organizers say while the event is for kids under ten, older kids are encouraged to come and volunteer and have fun too. >> this week's california's political watchdog agency announced the largest find in its history. >> it was against two political action committees that are being ordered to pay $15 million in punishment fees for supposed money laundering during the last statewide election. it involved funneling money from the east coast and donors there into arizona through a nonprofit and then into the california election. so we sat down with san francisco mayor willie brown who's no stranger to money and politics and chronicle reporter who covered this and asked him is this finder spite the change in things.
8:54 am
>> first of a i don't know to oversee that money because number one, it was a symbolic move. let's face it. it was a symbolic move to call out some of the dark money, the hidden money that is out there. they want to be able to identify the donors of some of these super packs and show where the money is coming ice t voters. >> a great service to voters. sparse, if all these people are into the business of reforming the finance system of politics, just simply in polls upon everybody who contributes, the obligation to identify yourself right down to the final pennies. that's all that should be required period. >> so you're not in favor of spending limits? >> oh, no, none of the above. are you kidding me? there's no such hinge -- such thing as anybody being obedient except for losing. >> as long as they are identified. now, some of the people were saying they don't want to identify and they hide behind well -- but the cases of identifying harassment, people being harassed for giving
8:55 am
money. >> zero. >> minimum. >> i have seen corporations get involved with boycott. we have seen that before. >> but that's fair game. let me tell you there's no question about it. you it's not the harassment i'm concerned about. the aggressive solicitation by people like me that find you didn't give to me. you gave to him. i am coming after you. >> whoever it is. left or right, it should be shown. no question about it. >> and it should be right down to the final penny. if you did that. final question. what groups were find.
8:56 am
who pulled their money together and gave it to a nonprofit. and the nonprofit then moved into california. there were two hours on the ballot. one was a prop 30 to increase the state tax by the governor. that got some of the money to oppose it. the big push was for prop 32 which was a measure to put on there that would require union members to check off if they wanted dues. in a fight over political money by people who were fighting to change the rules on political money. that's politics. >> and there are people out there carving -- starving. >> all right. still ahead. >> how bay area bikers start getting revved up in the battle against bullying. and we have some new details into that amusement park accident that injured several people while they were getting
8:57 am
off of a ride. we learned about the ride's operator when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thoughtless abandonment. patients at a bay area nursg home left to fend for themselves when the staff suddenly tak off. thoughtless abandonment. patients at a bay area nursing home left to fend for themselves when the staff suddenly takes off. >> and as julie collins once sang, we have plenty of clouds along the
9:00 am
shoreline and the potential for a big change tomorrow. we'll cover that in the forecast in a few minutes. >> you may remember that amusement park accident last week that injured several people. the sinister action the ride operator is now accused of. welcome back to kpix 5. the time is can straight up. >> we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. we are going to get some insight on all of the dysfunction we have seen in washington. is it all for show or a problem. >> patients at a nursing home left abandoned. the state closed the facility last week. most of the staff just walked out. bryan webb tells us if it weren't for a concerned neighbor, the situation could have been a lot worse. >> crime tape chris crosses a care facility shut down for two days, the mill filled with patients but hardly any staff. >> my head around it. this woman who lives nearby
9:01 am
asked us to hide her identity after complaining about the home for 20 years. she said the past few days have been the worst so she called for help. staff isn't over there. authorities are now searching for the staff who abandon their post and their patients and for the neighbors, that is the sickest part of all. it's ridiculous. >> it's unclear whether the
9:02 am
administrators, who they are. when they are located. >> in national news, the operator of a carnival ride that malfunctions, the north carolina state fair is now under arrest. five petroleum were hurt when the ride restarted. and now authority believe that the operator tampered with the ride. 46-year-old timothy tutor -- tuttero of georgia is in custody charged with three felony counts of assault. >> this ride was stamper -- tampered with after the inspection and. >> just the thought that somebody would do something like this, i can't hardly stand it. that is where my patience runs thin. >> investigators say more arrests are likely but also are calling this an isolated incident saying the independent ride contractor involved as op -- has only one
9:03 am
ride at the fair. an unusual year-long antibullying campaign is underway in school in the east bay. how bikers are sending a message to students. don't judge a book by its cover. most cyclists are revving their engine in the battling against bullying. in oakland today with its lesson for students. embrace diversity, shun stereotypes. >> all of us bikers here get labeled a lot on the road. we want to make sure and show your first impression is not always the correct impression. give everybody a chance and get to know them first. >> the bay area coside club is kickstarting a campaign with a national nonprofit called not in our school. >> that's an ongoing bullying prevention campaign to get students to learn to speak up and stand up for themselves and others to stop bullying and to build a safe and inclusive and accepting school where everybody gets along. >>reporter: the director of that
9:04 am
organization hopping on herself. >> my hair. >> and symbolizing the joint drive to teach the dangers of prejudice and bullying. >> it creates a damage that can last a lifetime. it can have serious consequences. >> like the recent suicide of the 12-year-old girl in florida and audrey, the 15-year-old from saratoga who took her own life a little more than a year ago. the u.s. education department reports nearly a third of students between the ages of 12 and 18 report being bullied either in person or online. >> students need to know that by standing and not doing anything about bullying does not do anything but continue the cycle of bullying. >>reporter: that lesson is not lost on these students. >> what did you learn today about bullying? >> um to not bully and stand up for people people who get bullied. >> it's not okay to bully but if you do, you should notice it. if you know someone is being bullieded, you should tell the person to
9:05 am
stop bullying. >> kpix5. wall street getting -- getting ready for what could be the next big thing. >> what it's doing to make sure that twitter's ipo doesn't hit any snags on its debut as it did with facebook. >> and a spectacular site. mount etna blowing its top. >> and back in the weather department, we're going to be looking at a pretty nice day. sunshine inland. shoreline. and temperatures in the 70s. tomorrow they fall like a set of car keys. we'll have the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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twitter was a success. the new york stock exchange conducted mock i-p-o yesterday... with traders running simulated "buy" and "sell" orders... test the flow of those orde. we're going to have a test run. buy and sell orders to test the flow of those orders. you might remember the stock
9:09 am
exchange. they had a lot of technical problems when they put facebook out on its ipo last year. twitter plans to sell 70 million shares between 17 and 20 bucks a share starting sometime before the end of november. >> and it's mother nature's way of blowing off steam. it's gorgeous. mount etna showing its force. red hot lava shooting sky high for the 14th time this year. the latest happened more than a dozen small earthquakes on the italian islands. no reports of any damage. there was so much junk in the air because of this. that one up in alaska. and by the way, somebody said it was barbara striessand. >> and a number of people did that. >> they did. judy collins did it. >> it's a big hit. >> barbara striessand. judy collins had a minor hit.
9:10 am
whatever. >> she needs to be on trivia team. something not so are trivial. today's weather. let's start out with the fog and low clouds. that is how the day is getting. we are getting some sun out. a little bit north of the line. the sun is coming up this morning. also in the east bay sunshine and 52 degrees. we'll get sun spreading over the bay but later in the day, the shoreline is noting going to be much. livermoore at 53. the raders are going to be playing the steelers and it will be sunny and fairly mild. 67 degrees gametime. and boo at the zoo at east an van -- san francisco zoo. clouds and 62. low pressure spinning down to the south evaporates without this next level coming down is going to affect us as it dies to nevada. it's going to get close enough for a few showers tomorrow but just a small chance and not over much of the bay. the east end and the south bay
9:11 am
could be a few drops. temperatures will certainly drop. on the futurecast you can see the low clouds pull back to the shoreline. overnight gets cloudy. you can see that the north end of the bay begins to clear up. the south begins cloudy. it will be chilly tomorrow. maybe wet but by midweek we warm up. numbers look like mid 60s. weather can't be far away. coast-to-coast, everybody is cooling down except down in texas. overnight lows will be at 49. san francisco. 46 at mountainview and we recover to 73 in san jose. 70 at livermoore. 73 in fairfield. halloween will be mostly clear and chilly. >> spooky and chilly. the extended forecast after this little bit of a chance on monday. we'll warm it up the latter half of the week. it's all looking pretty good. bundle up tomorrow. it's going to be the first bite in the air. >> way have is been noticing that at night.
9:12 am
>> daytime is not bad though; right? >> sure. and washington is in a perpetual seen l of crisis and temporariest are loose. each time, the drama garners a lot of attention. >> how do we as news organizations? do we inflame it by amplifying? this morning we sit down with political science professor of uc burkely and asked him the gridlock. is it better or worse than ever? >> well, we're not quite the civil war proportions with this. i think you, you know, we do have examples in american history that are profoundly worse but we have to go back a long way to see this much agreement between the political parties back in the 19 teens and 1910s and before that. >> what is it about today's policy that seems to generate this ongoing gridlock especially in scenes in recent years? >> well, part of the reason is that this used to be a fair amount of fairly conservative members of congress and senators from the south who were members of the democratic party. that's not true anymore. the south. we have a much stronger sorting
9:13 am
of political parties by ideology and that amplifies the differences and the ideological disagreements between them. >> nerd, the sort of middle ground on both parties has eroded. >> they're falling apart. the parties don't overlap. they used to have a fair amount of love lap. in the middle of the 20th century there was a common ground and that's been e voice rated. >> so what we saw in the 50s and 60s were moderate republican and moderate democrat sort of doing a lot of the deal- making while the conservative and liberal on both sides stayed off to the side. >> yeah, the liberal and conservative ends weren't this far out there back then as they have gotten since then. so the parties -- the senator is disappearing for both of them and they're pulling apart further on the sides of each party. >> is there a difference in the issues being discussed? >> there are subtle differences in the issues, but the main acts of the conflict is still the same access that it's been for in this country for 100 years. this sort of left, right met or the still exists and organizes both.
9:14 am
they fall apart to a much greater degree. they become ab. we in the media get to the talking points. they put two people on the screen and have them go at it. they get to set their rules about what they want to talk about. >> right. we do have to keep in mind that congress usually -- usually does do a pretty good job of compromising on his differences. it has been 17 years since the government shut-down. usually they do manage to find common ground to get this done. i know that the american congress is about as popular as the ebola virus, but they usually do find a compromise. this kind of profound dysfunction is still relatively unusual despite the huge differences. >> where does the president fit in on this? i hear democrats now even saying where is
9:15 am
the leadership? why can't he get things done? >> well, the president has to negotiate with the republican-controlled house that is completely at odds when his -- with his vision of what good policy looks like. you have is to bring these people along and the president does not have a lot of care to offer them in terms of things the president wants to do that is house republicans would also like to see done. they're fundamentally at odds with each other. >> when i talk to people they say what happened to the days of bill clinton and ronald reagan and the days when the president used to be able to bring them to the white house or talk people into things. is that real or people looking back in the past with shiny glasses. >> we might have a little rose-colored retrospection going on. of the 17 government shut-downs since 180, 16 of them have been 1996 or prior. most of them have been under the regulatory. it was ronald reagan or tip o'neal that had this suitable bargaining
9:16 am
relationship. >> we had eight took place during the reagan administration. >> why they made such a big deal of it now? >> they used to be a couple of days or over the weekend. the shut-down in 1996. they didn't used to be that long? >> i don't see it getting any better. the disagreements between the parties are big and getting better. the longterm fundamentals look good. >> and knight party appears to be willing to even change within itself to get more moderate? >> nay have no incentive to do so. they are playing to con pitch went -- constituents and donors who have no interest in seeing them compromise their core goals to match up with the other side that is getting further and further away with them. >> we'll see them in the next
9:17 am
election. whether or not the groups continue to rule both parties. i would be surprised because in democracy it's not the majority but the active minority that is really pushing and pushing. it's a strike bart riders won't soon forget or will they? whether the transit agency will suffer any longterm affects? just for you. just for you this sunday morning, look at the strangest outcome. maybe ever to end a world series game. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:18 am
9:19 am
the second bart strike thisr is over... and the agency'so largest unions are about toe on a good morning. world series game three.
9:20 am
tripped over the baseman. would be tagged out. over middlebrooks and that is where the obstruction. they're saying that craig would have scored. cardinals win and take a 2-1 series league game for later on today. let's move on. sharks in action in montreal. into the third. and goes in front of the net. then they beat the canadian 2- 0. stanford. and they win 20-12.
9:21 am
it's a 7-1. sixth ranked in the nation. the washington. they would like to forget. jay takes his second time they hooked up. house keys win it final of 41 to 17. they got right on out of there. fall -- the 49ers in london. back here on this side of the plaza, 105. kpx 5. we have the raders. we have the steelers. and that's not all. after the game, we have the fifth quarter. i'll be in the locker room probing for answers. >> that's why we pay them the big bucks. >> the second bart strike is over. >> did anyone come out ahead
9:22 am
after this latest labor dispute? and that's been a question. host been on some of the these bart talks and chronicle political. is anything changed? and is this going to have a longterm affect? >> winners, losers in the bart strike. both management and labor. they were the big losers in this. no longterm fall-out. clearly the people who lost will be at each other's throats. the riders will forget all about it in ten days. >> will they forget when a ballot measures on for tax or for transportation. >> they'll be quickly reminded of those days in traffic. those hours in traffic. those ways you had to suffer for days to get to work. >> that won't be general lated because of the bart strike. that's just common. just like it was in san jose
9:23 am
when chuck reed did what he did. what did he get? fuel costs down. you've got to know that labor is not in great shape now anyway. people are not really joining labor unions. the world doesn't lend itself. the new employment doesn't lend itself to organized labor. you don't have the same thing going. however, i think labor is going to under go an incredible transfor-- -- transformation, and when they come out of their new model, they'll be okay. >> labor is going to be writing a lot of checks. this last year, prop 32, $100 $100 million spent on each side between the two sides. there's going to be a lot of check-writing. they're going to be in defense i have mode again. >> but they won. >> the question is also do you see a serious move at the legislature to bar future transit strikes, joe? >> there will be a move. i don't know who was in there. remember this is a more conservative legislature. they may get more votes than you think except i don't believe that any
9:24 am
politician in sacramento wishes to survive is going to stick his neck out. that has become almost like a third. >> and where will jerry brown be in liz election -- his election year on this one? >> jerry brown will be back in washing on the making a speech? >> yes, jerry brown will be. as a matter of fact, he was back there this week. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
9:25 am
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brian. brian - thank yo welcome back. it is # 26:00. one last check at the forecast. at least it goes to the channel 5. the sun is coming out in the east bay. and parts of the east bay. right by the coastline. we have some fog. the pinpoint forecast for the bay today will be in the low to mid 70s inland so that is a big change from a few days ago. the numbers fall today to 61 in san francisco and just 73 in san
9:27 am
jose. the forecast. really. increasedded clouds. you'll distinctly note that it's going to get cooler on monday. so a little bit of a smile on the face. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, the high pressure builds back in. it looks like a mighty nice weekend next weekend. not so bad. halloween looks good too. looks like it will be clear. a lot of people started celebrations this weekend. >> in the bay area san francisco. halloween is the holiday of the year. >> good morning. meanwhile, people are filing into a haunted house in illinois that has won awards for spookiness. >> the owner has been doing this at her home for 14 years. this year's version has a 1500-
9:28 am
pound crypt. a life-size carriage hearse and a mummy too many. it has a bunch of live actors there. they're actually all theater students at a local high school so they're getting a little practice as well being crazy. people are coming all over to area's neighboring states even to get a look. to get scaredded. don't blame them. it would be a lot of fun. >> scary movie. hitchcock. >> absolutely. the san francisco. they also love that. >> yes, absolutely. >> i don't know. it is like a scary movie. scary movie one, two, three, four, five, six. chucke. comes to dinner. that's it. okay, that's it for kpix5 this morning. thank you for joining us. >> enjoy your sunday and remember the raders play coming up on kpix5. football today. have a good one. ,,,,,,,,
9:29 am
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